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      If I had one cup of coffee to drink a day I’d like it to be strong & flavorful with a full body. I’d rather not drink coffee any other way. As it turns out- that’s pretty much what I do: Fresh Roast Daily is a daily discipline developed from my love of quality coffee. Since coffee is a food, and perishable, I roast the beans fresh & only as much as I can drink within about 2 weeks.

Dear Friends of Fresh Roast Daily,

I am moving my roasting operation and will cease operations as of 1-27-08 until April. These changes are needed for my changing and growing business.

I'm sorry for this inconvenience. By April/May of 2008 I'll have a new roaster and a new location.

I appreciate your patience and support.

Warm regards,

Karl Seidel
Fresh Roast Daily Coffee Roasting Company
818 761 1376

When Was Your Coffee Roasted?

Colombian Patron Coffee
1 lb. $1
(Item: K

Guatemalan Huehuetenango Coffee
1 lb. $10.00 
(Item: GH-1)

Panama La Torcaza Coffee

1 lb. $12.00
(Item: PT-1)

Ethiopian Sidamo
1 lb. $13.00 
(Item: ES-1)

Our coffee is roasted to order. Our coffee is shipped the day we roast it. Generally our coffee is roasted to the point just before a "full city roast." Since coffee is food it is perishable. Although our coffee is shipped in vacuum bags it is best to order only as much as you will drink within 2 weeks.
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